Thursday, July 12, 2018

Little Changes

Hi you all!
Today I show you some changes on some Crow warriors I did this week. I know, I'm such a perfectionist...

First of all, I wasn't entirely happy with the warbonnet of the "Crazy Dog Wishing to Die" since it looked to much like an onion. I wanted the feathers to be more like the real thing, so I reesculpted them. Now I'm happy with how it turned out :-). Moreover, I forgot to sculpt the switch on him back then, so he has one now (as had the warrior on whose account I based this figure):

Then, I was really happy with these two warriors, nothing wrong with them...but the hairstyle was from the 30's-40's, like in Bodmers' and Catlin's painting, while I had decided to go with a slightly more modern look with my other figures (mostly because it is the more modern hairstyle with the pompadour what people normaly identifies with Crow warriors). So, in order to give the whole lot a sense of identity and uniformity I reesculpted the hair so it would match with the other figures.

One of them wears my first attempt at sculpting cut-off feathers (third pic right). I'm happy with it. He has also the braids wrapped in fox-skin, like the rank and file of the Kit-Fox Society sometimes did as a badge of membership.

I hope you like them! :-)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crow Warrior #15

Hi you all!
Here is a Crow experienced warrior based on a colour plate by Richard Hook which on turn is based on a ledger drawing by Amos Bad Heart Bull. This warrior is armed with a trade musket and wears old style tubular hide leggings with long fringes and a loop necklace. The most stricking feature though is the bear headdress he wears, with a sash with feathers trailing on the back. It is the first animal (or part of one) that I've ever sculpted and I'm very pleased with the result :-)

I hope you like it!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Crow warrior #14

Hi you all!
One more warrior done and only two more to go!! Well, I'd like to redo the hair of two more, but anyway, this is coming close to completion :-)

This one is also simply attired with a hide loincloth and moccasins, but with lots of jewelry on the arms and a necklace made of beads and a concha. He wears the typical Crow hairstyle with an upright feather, inspired on a photo by Curtys of the Crow warrior Shot In The Hand. He is armed with a lance and a knife and will have the option of carrying a shield.


I hope you like it!


Thursday, June 7, 2018

Crow Warrior #13

Hi you all!
This time I show you a simpler attired warrior for the second pack of rank and file I´m going to sculpt. He wears only moccasins and a loincloth made of trade cloth, and a loop necklace aswell. He wears the hair in two bigger and two littler braids, with a switch at the back. No feathers this time so he can be used as a young blood.
He is armed with a short bow and a knife.
I think he is a characterful one even if this figure is simpler than the last ones :-)

I hope you like it!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Crow Warrior #12

Hi you all!

Here is another experienced warrior. His decorated warshirt and hairstyle is inspired by those of the chief Medicine Crow. Typical Crow features on his warshirt are the rectangular beaded pannel on the chest, in this case with scalplocks attached, as well as the ermines hanging from the sleeves, which in turn are decorated with beaded pannels. The hair has the pompadour as well as a pair of crow bows (one of them with a feather attached) with long dentalia shells hanging. On the back of the hair are attached the typical Crow hair extensions with gum balls.The beaded and fringed leggings are of the older type. He wears a little necklace with beads and two conchas.
As weapons he carries a lance and a bow and arrows in a quiver and a bowcase.

I think this is the best figure I have done so far :-)

I hope you like it!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Casting and a WIP

Hi you all!
I ran out of dollies and parts so I did some copies of them in resin. The outside temperature was really perfect so they turned up rather well :-) Now I have 37 bodies, some 50 heads and lots of weapons and shields to speed up sculpting! I´m more than satisfied :-)

Me había quedado sin dollies ni piezas, así que, haciendo un esfuerzo de voluntad sobrehumano, me puse a hacer copias como un loco. Como hacía buen tiempo, han salido bastante bien. Ahora tengo 37 cuerpos, unas 50 cabezas y una cantidad indeterminada de armas variadas y escudos, con lo que la velocidad de esculpido aumentará bastante. Me doy por satisfecho con el trabajo :-)

Shiny!! I have to clean them a bit yet/ Piezaaaas!! Me queda limpiarlas un poquillo

A glance of things to come ;-) /Un vistazo a lo que está por venir ;-)

Moreover I´m currently working on another Crow warrior with old style decorated leggings and a highly ornated warshirt. Here are some WIP images:

Aparte de ello, estoy trabajando en un guerrero Crow con polainas antiguas muy decoradas y una camisa de guerra bastante ornamentada. Aquí van algunas imágenes del trabajo en curso:

He will carry a lance/La miniatura llevará una lanza
In the back will be the quiver and bow case/ A la espalda, carcaj y funda para el arco

 Here the same figure, in a bit more advanced stage, with scalps, ermines and wolftails added. Not sure about the ermines, maybe I´d remake them. The face is only temporary.

Aquí está la misma figura, un poco más avanzada, con armiños, colas de lobo y cabelleras. Los armiños no me convencen, probablemente los repita. La cara es provisional.

 I hope you like it!

¡Espero que os guste!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crow Warrior #11

Hi you all!
This figure is a Crow belt wearer of the Big Dog society. These society's officers were expected to be the bravest of all society members and walk straight up to the enemy...and never retreat.
As a badge of the Big Dog society he carries a dewclaw rattle and a bunch of owl feathers at the back. As a belt wearer he wears a bearskin belt with legs and claws. He also has his hair fashioned as to resemble to bears' ears in two little bums at the sides.
Typical Crow are the looped necklace, the leggings (with quilled decorations and scalplocks at the sides), the hairstyle at the back and the long lance. The wolftails attached to his heels are mark of these who had counted coup.

Many of the features of these figure were reconstructed from written accounts rather than from pictures (there's none, as far as I know), like the bearskin belt, the hairstyle and the bunch of owl feathers. I have tried to make them so realistic or at least so close to other examples we know from other neighboring tribes as I could though.
I hope you like it!