Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crow Warrior #7

Hi you all!

Another warrior, with fitted hide leggings, looped necklace, buckskin quiver and bow case and a characteristic hairstyle seen in some old paintings (Miller), with a hairbow and a feather in one side, some shorter strains and little braids.
This time I´ll show more of the creation process ;-)
(The "arrow" is held on place with blue-tac. I´ll sculpt a nice arrow for this :-) )


Thursday, February 23, 2017

First Crow Braves

Hi you all!

Here are the first 6 Crow warriors. 6 more are to follow and I probably will mix them with the ones I have, so each set of 6 will have as much variety in styles and weapons as possible (including a pair of trade muskets). What do you think?


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crow Warrior #6

Hi you all!

Here is my favorite figure so far.

He is fairly old-stylish and very appropriated for the 30´s-40´s. He is armed with a very long stone-headed warclub (well suited for mounted combat) and a short bow carried in a bow case for bow and arrows made of otter fur and with a decorative pendant. He wears a loop necklace, older tubular leggings with long fringes and quilled decoration at the sides. His hairstyle comes from a painting by Karl Bodmer showing several Crow warriors and is pretty elaborated, with forelock, hair bows and hairpipes. At the back he wears the hair in an only big string as seen in some painting of Crow Warriors by Miller as well as in some Hidatsas painted by Bodmer (The Crows were originally an off-shot of the Hidatsa tribe so I suppose some similar styles could be shared mainly in earlier times).        


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Crow Warrior #5

Hi you all!

Here is my fifth Crow warrior.

He is armed with a sling-shot club and will have an optional hide shield. He wears tubular leggings, breechclout, and a bear-claws necklace. He wears the latter “national” Crow hairstyle: pompadour, hair bows with cut-off feathers, hairpipes and a very long backside, adorned with gum balls. 

One more to go for the first set!!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crow Warrior #4

Hi you all!

This bowman is my fourth Crow warrior.
He is armed with a composite bow typical of the Rocky Mountains tribes and their neighbors, like the Crows. His quiver is an older style for both bow and arrows with a quilled pendant. He wears older style close fitting tubular hide leggings with fringes and quilled decoration, a breechclout and a looped necklace. His hairstyle is an older style, portrayed by Bodmer and Miller and common to some Mandan and Hidatsa: very long at the back, with a forelock on the front and two strains at the sides, one of them adorned with a hair bow.

I hope you like it


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Crow Warrior #3

Hi you all!
Here is the third Crow warrior.

He is armed with a hatchet and will have an optional hide shield. He carries a bow in his mountain lion fur bowcase and has a quiver from the same material. Both are typical from the Northern Plains. On the side, he carries a stone-headed war club. He wears a loop necklace and a chocker with a concha and a little bell plus some wristbands. He is plain dressed in moccasins and breechclot. His hairstyle is relatively modern, with pompadour and two braids wrapped in otter fur. 

I hope you like it!