Monday, March 25, 2013

Amazing paintjob!

The very talented Michi did an outstanding work painting the survivors, as you probably could already see in the banner fron Clearco Miniatures. I really feel honoured that such a great painter painted my creations with such care (and kindly took such good photos as well!). Danke noch mal, Michi!

Michi es un pintor de gran talento que ha hecho un trabajo increíble  pintando las supervivientes, como ya habréis podido comprobar en el banner de Clearco Miniatures. Para mí es un honor que un pintor de tal nivel haya pintado mis creaciones con tanta dedicación (¡Y que encima, amablemente, haya hecho unas fotos estupendas!). Danke noch mal, Michi!

You can see more shoots, including several photos of each of the miniatures individually at Michi´s great blog, Table Terror.
Podéis encontrar más fotos, incluídas varias fotos individuales de cada miniatura en el impresionante blog de Michi, Table Terror.



  1. They look great, I'm very jealous

  2. The paintjob does the great figures justice!

  3. I´m jealous as well, I wish I could paint like that!
    That´s a truly terrific paintjob, I´m glad my figures got it ;)