Saturday, April 27, 2013

More comparison & news

Hi! Jics from La Armada kindly provided me with a pair more of comparison shots, this time with Hasslefree miniatures. Thanks, Jics!
¡Buenas! Jics, de La Armada, se ha prestado amablemente a hacer un par de fotos más comparando las supervivientes con miniaturas de Hasslefree. ¡Gracias, Jics!

Apart from that, the zombie girls are coming along nicely. Here is an old photo, I hope to be able to post the final version in a week or two (or three?).

Por otra parte, estoy avanzando con las zombies. Aquí podéis ver una foto de hace un tiempo, espero poder enseñaros la versión final en un par de semanas.



  1. I'm really looking forward to those Z-ladies!

    1. I´m currently working on them, I hope to finish them soon :)

  2. Your Zombie girls are sure to be a hit.

  3. Very cool! I can hardly wait much longer as all the survivors and Chinese are painted now and I really fell in love with your sculpts! I even started painting Reaper zombie strippers due to desperation now. Your zombie ladies will add so much to my little Z-mob...


  4. Thanks a lot Michi, I feel honored! I´ll try to provide you with new sculpts as soon as possible ;)