Thursday, December 7, 2017

Teepees WIP

Hi you all!

I´m working on some teepees that I´m building according to the real process, only smaller and with other materials ;-)

 First I made a template of the appropiated size (well, two of them, since I saw several types of teepees and I couldn´t decide which one I wanted).

 Then I built the structure with poles, starting with four of them (like the Crows did, as opposed to the three-poled system of the Cheyenne).

                                                    Left: Poles for the second teepee

 Finally, the paper template took a bath in glue to moisten it so I can put it in place...

Et voilá!

Then I "sculpted" some details with glue,

I have begun to paint it but haven´t had the time to finish it yet...


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Painting Zombies and Survivors

Hi you all!
 Jics, from La Armada, did a great tutorial painting my zombies, also featuring the survivors I did :-)
Really worth watching!!

Jics, de la Armada, ha hecho un magnĂ­fico tutorial pintando mis miniaturas, tanto los zombies como las supervivientes :-)
¡Merece la pena verlo!