Thursday, December 26, 2019

First Crows 2.0 done! (Pic heavy!)

Hi you all!
I have had a really busy time at work these months and was unable to post something here until I finally got holydays, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't sculpting ;)
My sculpting time was also a bit scarce but I have managed to finish the first 4 Crow warriors nonetheless. Hurra!
Here they are. I have picked lots of the ideas I had sculpting the first version, but the figures are totally new:

Here is some detailled information about the figures:

Here we have a simply attired warrior with a concha necklace, concha earrings, a simple breechclout and some metal armbands. The hairstyle is typical Crow with pompadour and a switch with gum balls at the back. A feather is optional. He can be armed with a hatchet or a stone headed club

This warrior is also relatively simply attired, with breechclouth and the typical loop necklace. The hairstyle is also typical of Crow warriors: pompadour, switch and two bigger a braids and two smaller ones. He wears a flatbow and a quiver with bowcase.

This one is a bit more fancy clothed, with lots of armbands and a loop necklace with conchas. Besides the pompadour and the switch, he also wears two crow bows at the temples with hair pipes and cut-off feathers. He is armed with a bow he carries in his bowcase, that is made of otter fur, like the quiver he is carrying. He can be armed with the hatchet or the stone headed club like his pal above.

The last brave wears typical Crow leggings made of trading cloth, with beaded panels at the bottom. He also wears a loop necklace and metallic armbands. He is armed with a composite bow and a quirt with antler handle that doubles as a mace, suspended from the wrist. The bow is interchangeable with the other archer above. The feather is also optional and interchangeable.

At this moment I'm finishing two more warriors (This time, as I have already planed what I wanted to sculpt, I work on several sculpts at a time so I can switch from one to another when things are curing) and hope to have finished the next four warriors by the end of year. Wish me luck!

By the way, I wish you all a very happy new year!!! :) :) :)