Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pleistocene landscape and creatures

Hi you all!
I managed to finish all I need for my first game of Palae Diet: Eat or be eaten in 15mm. I made a copy of my own mammoth and converted very slightly a couple of tribesmen I had sculpted some time ago + set the terrain I have been making these months et...voilà!

Some better photos will come on due time


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Pawnee Warrior #5

Hi you all!
Here is my 5th Pawnee sculpt. He wears a oldfashioned buckskin loincloth and leggings of the same material, adorned with fringes and beaded panels and gartered below the knies in Pawnees`fashion. This leggings are of older style as the ones worn by Warrior #4. The hairstile is the typical low mohican hairdo with a roach of dyed horse, porcupine or deer tail hair, and a feather. He is armed with a trade musket and a pipe tomahawk.
I'm specially proud of this one :)


Friday, November 16, 2018

Pawnee Warrior #4

Hi you all!
Here is my fourth Pawnee warrior, armed with a deadly ball-headed club (with a metallic point) and a bow. He wears a trade loincloth and leggings made of trade cloth with the typical rectangular flaps and broad beaded pannels between the side and the front. The leggings are gartered below the knees, a typical Pawnee feature. He wears the roach on top of his "mohican" hairstyle and one big feather aswell. His ears are adorned with bunches of earrings made of several hairpipes each.

I hope you like it!!

*Disclaimer: I have very little spare time these days so I don't manage to make the posts in English AND in other languages. Sorry!!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

15/18mm Mammoth

...and now for something completely different!!

Hi you all! I'm very pleased with Ganeshas' Palaeo Diet: Eat or be Eaten, but I didn't have any suitable miniatures for it so, being me, I decided to sculpt some for playing the game. In 15/18mm so it wouldn't take so long and for the minis to be compatible with some 15/18mm tribesmen I sculpted a while back (and never showed here :-P). Anyway, it took me very long to sculpt the whole fur, but here it is. It is the first animal what I have ever sculpted but I'm moderate happy with the result :-) :

The tusks are attached in a provisional way so I'd be able to cast the beast if I want to :-)

And some WIPS:

I hope you like the tiny mammoth! :-)


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pawnee Warrior #3

Hi you all!
Here is my third Pawnee warrior. He is wearing the roach (a headdress made of porcupine or deer hair) on his own hair. He has a Missouri war hatchet and a necklace made of hairpipes.

Quarreling wiht a Lakota warrior

I hope you like it!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Crow Warrior Woman 2.0

Hi you all! I wasn't entirely happy with the figure so I redid the head because it had turned out too big. I managed to shorten the right arm aswell since it was too long for my liking. NOW I'm happy with it :-)

¡Buenas! No me terminaba de convencer la miniatura, principalmente porque la cabeza me había quedado demasiado grande. He esculpido una más pequeña y he aprovechado para acortar el brazo derecho, que había quedado demasiado largo. Ahora ya la veo bien :-)

Hallo! I war mit der Figur nicht ganz zufrieden, hauptsächlich weil der Kopf mir zu gross war. Nun habe ich einen neuen Kopf geknettet und dabei noch den rechten Arm kürzer gemacht, weil es ja zu lang war. NUN bin ich mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden :-)

Cheers! / ¡Saludos!/Liebe Grüsse!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Crow Warrior Woman

Hi you all!
There are some accounts of female warriors of the Crow Nation, some of them leading men into battle. 19th Century's Examples are Woman Chief (Biawacheeitchisch, maybe the same person as Pine Leaf), Comes Towards the Bank (Akkeekaahuush) or Among the Willows (Biliíche Héeleelash). Woman Chief was said to wear everyday woman's clothing while on the warpath and I have depicted my figure like that: she wears a typical Crow skin dress with elk tooth decoration and fringes, aswell as female decorated leggings and moccassins. She is armed with a recurved bow and a quirt whose handle doubles as a club.

Hay varias historias sobre mujeres guerreras entre la nación Crow, algunas de las cuales incluso dirigían partidas de guerra. Algunos ejemplos del siglo XIX son Woman Chief, Comes Towards the Bank o Among the Willows. Woman Chief, la más famosa de ellas, solía llevar la ropa típica de mujer incluso durante las expediciones guerreras, y esto es lo que he pretendido reflejar en la miniatura: lleva el típico vestido crow de ante con decoración de dientes de alce, profusamente adornado con flecos, así como polainas femeninas y mocasines. Está armada con un arco recurvo propio de las tribus cercanas a las Montañas Rocosas y con un látigo cuyo mango de madera sirve como maza.

I hope you like it! Cheers!

¡Espero que os guste! Saludos

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Pawnees are coming!

Hi you all!
This summer I had a bit of time for sculpting these two Pawnee warriors. I'll try to recreate the most typical Pawnee features, like the roach hairstyle (here in two of the different versions one can find in historical photos and paintings), the necklaces with hair pipes and earrings mad of little metal bells and other ornaments like on these ones. Both of them are wearing a trade loincloth pulled up in a fashion seen in some photographies. A gunstock club was a must, of course! ;)


Este verano he sacado tiempo para esculpir un par de guerreros Pawnee. He decidido concentrarme en las características más típicas de los Pawnee, como el peinado (aquí en dos pequeñas variaciones de las que hay dentro del peinado "mohicano" que llevaban muchos de ellos), los collares de cuentas alargadas o los pendientes hechos de pequeñas campanas de metal. Ambos llevan además taparrabos de tela recogidos por el cinturón bastante arriba, de una forma que se puede encontrar en muchas fotos históricas. Y, por supuesto, una terrible maza propia de Pawnees, Osages, etc.

Hallo ihr alle!
Am diesen Sommer hatte ich Zeit, ein Paar Pawnee-Krieger fertigzuknetten. Ich habe mich dabei auf die typischesten Merkmale der Pawnee konzentriert, wie der Irokesenschnitt (hier zwei leicht verschiedene Versionen davon). Typisch sind auch die Halsketten mit senkrechten rohrenförmigen Perlen oder die kleinen metallischen Glöckchen als Ohrringe. Beide Lendenschurze sind aus durch Handel erworbenem Stoff und werden so getragen, dass nur ein kleiner Teil davon vorne und hinten hängt. Eine typische Kriegskeule musste einfach sein ;)

Cheers! / ¡Saludos! / Liebe Grüsse!