Thursday, April 19, 2018

Crow Warrior #11

Hi you all!
This figure is a Crow belt wearer of the Big Dog society. These society's officers were expected to be the bravest of all society members and walk straight up to the enemy...and never retreat.
As a badge of the Big Dog society he carries a dewclaw rattle and a bunch of owl feathers at the back. As a belt wearer he wears a bearskin belt with legs and claws. He also has his hair fashioned as to resemble to bears' ears in two little bums at the sides.
Typical Crow are the looped necklace, the leggings (with quilled decorations and scalplocks at the sides), the hairstyle at the back and the long lance. The wolftails attached to his heels are mark of these who had counted coup.

Many of the features of these figure were reconstructed from written accounts rather than from pictures (there's none, as far as I know), like the bearskin belt, the hairstyle and the bunch of owl feathers. I have tried to make them so realistic or at least so close to other examples we know from other neighboring tribes as I could though.
I hope you like it!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Crow Warrior #10

Hi you all!
Here I show you mi latest figure: a Crow warrior belonging to the death-seeking "Crazy Dogs Wishing to Die". They members, tired of life, pledged to actively seek death at battle and to "talk crosswise" (like a "contrary") during one season.
This warrior wears regalia of his society in form of a rattle and a sash, worn through a slit, items they had in common with the members of other Warrior Society called simply the "Crazy Dogs" (to whom they didn´t have any further connection). Moreover, he is armed with a spontoon tomahawk, a type of tomahawk specially favoured by Crow warriors. He wears a feathered warbonnet,  like one of the Crazy Dogs Wishing to Die described by Robert H. Lowie in his article about Crow Military Societies. The Crow warbonnet sat flatter than others, like the one here. He also wears trade-cloth leggings with beaded pannels and a loop necklace, typical Crow features.

I hope you like it!