Monday, April 21, 2014

New Shipping Costs

Hi you all!
I was looking the shipping costs from Spain, considering the new weight of the minis. I have got a pair of packs so I could weight them.

¡Hola a todos y todas!
Me he estado informando de los nuevos gastos de envío, teniendo en cuenta el cambio en el peso de las miniaturas. Incluso he conseguido un par de packs para pesarlos.

                               Spain                             Europe                            Rest of the World

50-100 gr.             3,34 Euro                       4,78 Euro                              5, 64 Euro               

100-500 gr.           4,45 Euro                        8, 79 Euro                           12, 35 Euro

-Survivors:                 65 gr.
-Zombie Girls:            91 gr.
-Package/ Paquete:    14 gr.

So, if you only want a set of Survivors, it would stay below of 100 gr. Otherwise, it would rise to the next category.

La única forma de que quede por debajo de 100 gr. es pidiendo sólo un pack de supervivientes. Si no, ya pasa a la siguiente categoría.

I have to look for more ways though...

Tengo que seguir explorando posibilidades, de todas maneras...



Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Apologies

Hi you all dear customers, fans and friends!

I haven´t updated the blog for a long time, because I was waiting to give the good new that the minis are finally to be released...but it doesn´t seem to happen!!

I´m really sorry because I gave you a release date based on what the caster told to me, but, since I haven´t become the minis yet (5 months waiting...) I can´t keep my word...and that´s really very embarrassing for me considering that I want to make Clearco Miniatures as serious and reliable as possible, although this whole thing is making it very hard to achieve!

I only hope you are not mad at me, and that you haven´t lost interest in my minis!

I´ll not give any release date until I have the new casting in my hands so i´m absolutely sure that I can fulfil orders.

Meanwhile, you can be sure that I´m making all what I can to move things forward!

Thanks for your patience!!