Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Apologies

Hi you all dear customers, fans and friends!

I haven´t updated the blog for a long time, because I was waiting to give the good new that the minis are finally to be released...but it doesn´t seem to happen!!

I´m really sorry because I gave you a release date based on what the caster told to me, but, since I haven´t become the minis yet (5 months waiting...) I can´t keep my word...and that´s really very embarrassing for me considering that I want to make Clearco Miniatures as serious and reliable as possible, although this whole thing is making it very hard to achieve!

I only hope you are not mad at me, and that you haven´t lost interest in my minis!

I´ll not give any release date until I have the new casting in my hands so i´m absolutely sure that I can fulfil orders.

Meanwhile, you can be sure that I´m making all what I can to move things forward!

Thanks for your patience!!



  1. May we ask which production company you went with? I givew you credit for not diming them out, but at the same time some of us with small model lines like you would like to know who to avoid.

    Shame, sir, I have been looking forward to your release!

  2. It is very nice of you to tell the truth and have us updated on what is going on. I don´t think that any of cour late or future customers is putting the blame on you. You have been excellent yet and will be, I believe. After all it is no commercial enterprise, but a hobby driven one for likeminded hobbyists. Keep on, but take your time. We will be there to take the new miniatures from your hands as soon as you can provide them. Your little business is not forgotten!

  3. I am still very much interrested in the miniatures mate!