Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Teepees

Hi you all!
I wasn't that happy with the teepees I made before and with the fact that they were hard to build as hell with this f*#~/ing paper soaked in wood glue and the stupid poles made of wire :P

No estaba muy contento con los tipis que había hecho y me fastidiaba que fueran tan difíciles de montar, con el maldito papel empapado en cola blanca y los alambres impegables esos...

Then I discovered another way to construct them thanks to the talented Duhamel of LAF:

Entonces descubrí otra forma de construirlos gracias a Duhamel, de LAF:

Several things made all easier: poles are wood and not metal and some of them are glued to the "canvas" before the whole thing is build. Moreover I then though I'd rather use thin cardboard than paper so it'd be sturdier and easier to handle...and this are the results:

De esta forma es más fácil porque los palos son de madera y se pegan mejor, aparte de que se pegan a la "tela" antes de montarlo todo. Aparte se me ocurrió usar cartulina en vez de papel porque es más resistente y se maneja mejor...Así es como quedó:

I'm pleased that I built 5 teepees in the time it took me build one with my method...So, DON'T you use my method.

Me gusta haber tardado en construir 5 tipis lo mismo que tardé en hacer uno con mi método. Moraleja: no uséis mi método.

Me gustaría dedicar esta entrada a mi abuelo, que falleció ayer. No sé si es el medio adecuado para hacer esto, pero en este caso me parecía correcto. Fue la primera persona que me enseñó a construir cosas con las manos y siempre fue una inspiración para mí en estas artes. Le admiraba mucho.
Te veo en el otro lado :*

I'd like to dedicate this entry to my grandpa, who sadly passed away yesterday. I don't know if this is an adecuate medium but it just feels right: he was the person who first showed me how to craft things and was a constant inspiration for me. See you on the other side :*

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Crow Project FINISHED!!!!

Hi you all!
Today I show you the last of my Crow warriors, armed with a trade musket and a quirt with a handle made of an antler, wearing leggings and loincloth made of trade cloth, with the typical loop necklace and a very fancy pompadour hairstyle. He wears cut-off feather on one side of the head and has his braids wrapped in fur skin as a badge of membership to the rank and file of the Kit-Fox warrior society:

Yeah, I know, I didn' finish the base yet but I really wanted to post it already :-)

The best thing is that he's the last one of the 15 warriors I wanted to sculpt for this project (well, I really have sculpted 17, but I don't like 2 of them so you won't be seeing them :-P).

That gives me a total of three sets @ five figures each for the time I manage to get them casted :-)

Set 1: Regular Warriors A

Set 2: Regular Warriors B

Set 3: Experienced Warriors

And all together!

Quite a warband, isn't it? It should provide enough figures for a force in LOTOW with (almost) the maximum of gang members. This is the skirmish Western game that involves more miniatures as far as I know, though I will be rather playing War On The Plains by Chris Peers or an adaptation of SOBH that I had been working on :-)

Now to contact some casters, to sculpt some horses...


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Little Changes

Hi you all!
Today I show you some changes on some Crow warriors I did this week. I know, I'm such a perfectionist...

First of all, I wasn't entirely happy with the warbonnet of the "Crazy Dog Wishing to Die" since it looked to much like an onion. I wanted the feathers to be more like the real thing, so I reesculpted them. Now I'm happy with how it turned out :-). Moreover, I forgot to sculpt the switch on him back then, so he has one now (as had the warrior on whose account I based this figure):

Then, I was really happy with these two warriors, nothing wrong with them...but the hairstyle was from the 30's-40's, like in Bodmers' and Catlin's painting, while I had decided to go with a slightly more modern look with my other figures (mostly because it is the more modern hairstyle with the pompadour what people normaly identifies with Crow warriors). So, in order to give the whole lot a sense of identity and uniformity I reesculpted the hair so it would match with the other figures.

One of them wears my first attempt at sculpting cut-off feathers (third pic right). I'm happy with it. He has also the braids wrapped in fox-skin, like the rank and file of the Kit-Fox Society sometimes did as a badge of membership.

I hope you like them! :-)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crow Warrior #15

Hi you all!
Here is a Crow experienced warrior based on a colour plate by Richard Hook which on turn is based on a ledger drawing by Amos Bad Heart Bull. This warrior is armed with a trade musket and wears old style tubular hide leggings with long fringes and a loop necklace. The most stricking feature though is the bear headdress he wears, with a sash with feathers trailing on the back. It is the first animal (or part of one) that I've ever sculpted and I'm very pleased with the result :-)

I hope you like it!