Thursday, July 19, 2018

Crow Project FINISHED!!!!

Hi you all!
Today I show you the last of my Crow warriors, armed with a trade musket and a quirt with a handle made of an antler, wearing leggings and loincloth made of trade cloth, with the typical loop necklace and a very fancy pompadour hairstyle. He wears cut-off feather on one side of the head and has his braids wrapped in fur skin as a badge of membership to the rank and file of the Kit-Fox warrior society:

Yeah, I know, I didn' finish the base yet but I really wanted to post it already :-)

The best thing is that he's the last one of the 15 warriors I wanted to sculpt for this project (well, I really have sculpted 17, but I don't like 2 of them so you won't be seeing them :-P).

That gives me a total of three sets @ five figures each for the time I manage to get them casted :-)

Set 1: Regular Warriors A

Set 2: Regular Warriors B

Set 3: Experienced Warriors

And all together!

Quite a warband, isn't it? It should provide enough figures for a force in LOTOW with (almost) the maximum of gang members. This is the skirmish Western game that involves more miniatures as far as I know, though I will be rather playing War On The Plains by Chris Peers or an adaptation of SOBH that I had been working on :-)

Now to contact some casters, to sculpt some horses...