Thursday, July 12, 2018

Little Changes

Hi you all!
Today I show you some changes on some Crow warriors I did this week. I know, I'm such a perfectionist...

First of all, I wasn't entirely happy with the warbonnet of the "Crazy Dog Wishing to Die" since it looked to much like an onion. I wanted the feathers to be more like the real thing, so I reesculpted them. Now I'm happy with how it turned out :-). Moreover, I forgot to sculpt the switch on him back then, so he has one now (as had the warrior on whose account I based this figure):

Then, I was really happy with these two warriors, nothing wrong with them...but the hairstyle was from the 30's-40's, like in Bodmers' and Catlin's painting, while I had decided to go with a slightly more modern look with my other figures (mostly because it is the more modern hairstyle with the pompadour what people normaly identifies with Crow warriors). So, in order to give the whole lot a sense of identity and uniformity I reesculpted the hair so it would match with the other figures.

One of them wears my first attempt at sculpting cut-off feathers (third pic right). I'm happy with it. He has also the braids wrapped in fox-skin, like the rank and file of the Kit-Fox Society sometimes did as a badge of membership.

I hope you like them! :-)

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