Thursday, July 18, 2019

A New Beginning

Hi you all!
It has been a while since I published something here for the last time. There are several reasons for it. The main one is that I received a big setback while trying to produce the Crow figures I had finished a year ago (do you remember them?: Here). A while back I had made my own homemade castings of the dollies, heads and weapons I had previously made, and used them to speed up the sculpting process. The funny thing is that these resin castings, being homemade, contained very tiny bubbles in the inside, what caused that the miniatures I had made reacted oddly under the preassure and heat of the metal casting process, becoming holes or being deformed, specially at the head.
Moreover, I was a bit naïf designing some of the poses, that turned out being almost impossible to cast, as my caster told me.
Due to these developments, and  after lots of failed castings and months of repairs of the masters for them to be finally released, I had some decisions to make back in November/December:
A) I could continue reapiring and release some of the miniatures (not all of them), some of them with serious flaws I couldn't repair.
B) I could let the thing be and sculpt something else.
C) I could start over.

So, as you may have guessed I picked C and started the whole project from the beginning (that means: sculpting dollies, weapons, heads and such again, not complete figures) BUT then I suffered a sort of creative blockade and began a circle of sculpting things, finishing them, not liking them at all (or discovering they are wrong in some way), despairing, hating the project, becoming motivated again, starting over with other materials and...back to the beginning. That went on and on for many months, with lots of interferences of the real world and real job cutting my sculpting time.

Nevertheless, among lots of useless dollies, parts and scraps I was slowly able to finish some minor things so that the project went on (as fast as a snail, but...) Then the last month and a half I actually began overcoming the blockade and sculpting things that I could use, so I worked harder untill yesterday, when I f***ing finally finished it all!!!

Btw I have realised that I hate sculpting dollies insted of complete figures but I know in the end it's worth the effort

I didn't want to show anything here until I had something to show so here it is:

Some weapons: from left to right, starting from the upper side: Missouri war hatchet, two pipe tomahawks of different tipology , a musket, a flat bow, a composite bow, a "normal" bow and a base for sculpting quivers. Down: three shields (one of them concave) and three different models of knifes

Heads. It wasn't so easy to keep the same size on all of them

Bodies. I went for dynamic poses and fit but not overmuscular types. I had my problems keeping the size of these too, I have made like 4 or 5 sets of these :-P

Not so impressive, but I'm really relieved that this part of the process is finally done.

I don't dare to give you an aproximated date of when this whole project could be finished but I'll try to keep you updated