Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Size comparison

Hi all! Here are a pair of comparison photos with other manufacturer´s minis. I don´t have so many minis around in my current home, so If someone of you have my survivors and want to make some aditional photos I´ll be happy to post them here :)

¡Buenas a todos! Aquí tenéis un par de fotos comparativas del tamaño de las minis. No tengo muchas miniaturas en mi residencia actual, así que si alguno de los que tenéis los supervivientes quiere colaborar y hacer alguna foto más, estaré encantado de colgarla aquí :)

Warlord plastic zulus/Survivor/Perry AWI indian

Old WHF skeletton/Mordheim flagellant/Survivor/WHF barbarian/ W40K IG


Photo courtesy of Iñaki Adánez ¡Gracias, majo!
Photo courtesy of Iñaki Adánez ¡Gracias!

Perry WOTR/Survivor/Warlords zulu



  1. Nice to see how well your figures fit in with the other 28mms on the market

  2. There is certainly not a problem with the scale as they seem to fit well.

  3. Thanks! I though it could be useful to see :)