Friday, June 7, 2013


Here you can see a couple of 28mm armatures (3 male & 1 female) I recently made. They are very basic, so I can add extra details as desired, but they should work as a good base for future jobs. Aditionally they were a chance to experiment a bit with anatomy and positions. Maybe I´ll do more, with arms and more marked musculature to practice a bit more.

Aquí podéis ver un par de armazones de 28mm (3 hombres y una mujer) que he hecho hace poco. Son muy básicos, para poder añadir más detalles según sea necesario, pero deberían de servirme como una buena base para trabajos futuros. Adicionalmente, me permitieron experimentar un poco desde un punto de vista anatómico y postural. Quizás haga más, con brazos y una musculatura más marcada, para practicar un poco más.



  1. Good start, Juan! I look forward to what they might become...
    I painted your second set of survivors´faces yesterday. Still a joy to paint them, it´s not getting boring at all!


    1. Thanks Michi! I think I´ll get these models casted so they´d be the start of a lot of minis ;)

      Cool, I´m really eager to see your second painted version! I was wondering yesterday if you had finished them already :P Any chance of photos?