Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slowly getting back to normality...

Hi friends! 
First of all I want to apology for having been dissapeared for such a long time! 
The course I attended this summer was great (intenssive in all senses!): I have met really good and interesting people (greetings to them if they are reading this!), I had a very good time and I have learnt a lot as well. I´m still working on a lot of papers I have yet to hand so it isn´t really over ;)

¡Hola, gente!
¡Primero me gustaría pedir perdón por haber estado desaparecido durante tanto tiempo!
El curso que hice este verano ha sido genial, intensivo en todos los sentidos. He conocido a gente estupenda y muy interesante (¡Saludos, si me estáis leyendo!), lo he pasado en grande e incluso he tenido tiempo de aprender un montón. De hecho, aún sigo haciendo los trabajos que tengo que entregar, así que realmente aún no se ha acabado ;)
I had shyly started to work on minis again at the end of august but then the search for a job began...and I hadn´t time for it again! I´m really lucky considering the current situation since I have got a job in two different academies (I´m a german teacher). After several weeks (already working) of terrible chaos concerning timetables, possible salary, availability, promises and contracts, it seems that I still have to find a job in a third (!) academy to live...and that´s why I hadn´t any minute for my beloved minis!

Ya había comenzado tímidamente a trabajar en las miniaturas hacia finales de agosto cuando acabé completamente inmerso en la búsqueda de trabajo...y no volví a tener tiempo. La verdad es que he tenido mucha suerte, teniendo en cuenta la situación, porque he conseguido un puesto en dos academias (soy profe de alemán). Tras varias semanas (trabajando) de terrible caos en lo que respecta a horarios, disponibilidad, posible salario, contratos y demás promesas, parece que voy a tener que buscar una tercera academia para poder subsistir...y ésta es la razón por la que, hasta ahora, no he tenido ni un minuto para volver a dedicarme a mis queridas miniaturas.

I really hope that things get gradually a bit clearer so I can organize myself and find the time for making new minis and for provideing you with them! I cannot make any promise concerning time but you can be sure I´ll do my best...only a little slowly!

Thanks to all of you for being that patient!

Espero que las cosas se vayan aclarando y asentando según avance el mes, de tal manera que pueda organizarme y encontrar tiempo para esculpir nuevas minis...¡Y poder proporcionároslas! Ya no puedo hacer ninguna promesa en lo que respecta al tiempo, pero podéis estar seguros/as de que haré todo lo posible...aunque sea despacito.

¡Muchísimas gracias por vuestra enorme paciencia!

P.S: A post without pics doesn´t qualify as such so...sketches that I draw a while ago for more possible survivors...enjoy!

P.D: Una actualización sin fotos no vale nada, así que...bocetillos que hice hace un tiempo para más posibles supervivientes...¡Qué aproveche!


  1. Good to hear from you! Real life come first though, so get settled and then get on to the mini's

    1. Thanks matey! You are totally right, when things are settled I´ll surely find the time and the energy more easily.

  2. Real life bites you in the ass sometimes good luck with the job hunt!

  3. Thanks for the update. Just keep doing things on your own time.

  4. Welcome back to the modelling/gaming/painting/collecting (or just drooling over your sculpts) world. I have missed you and your work a lot. Great to read the good news!


    1. Hey Michi!!! Thanks a lot, I have missed you too, man! :)
      I hope I can get some castings for you to paint as soon as possible :)

      I´m afraid I have to put aside collecting, gaming and painting for a while but I will focus on modelling in return ;)

      Viele Grüsse!

  5. Real life always gets in the way doesn't it ?
    Always good to hear from you.

    1. Thanks a lot Zab!
      You are totally right, real life always manages to interfere with the things that make life more interesting ;)

  6. Hi,

    cool work so far. Though this zombie apocalypse topic is not my preferred scenario I do like those ladies :-D And if saw it right one of your planned miniatures will look like Iga/Eva. I am eager to see her :-D

    Have a nice week


    1. Hi Stargazer!
      Thanks a lot! I´m glad you like these projects :)

      Yes, you spotted it, one of the minis would look like a certain polish
      beauty ;)