Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The power of metal

Hi you all!
I have no internet at home so I have some problems keeping the blog updated...But I have some good news...It sounds like the new female zombies AND the "old" female survivors are going to be produced...

¡Hola a todos y todas!
No tengo internet en casa, así que me está costando un poco mantener el blog actualizado...pero tengo buenas noticias: Clearco Miniaturas va a producir finalmente las nuevas zombies Y  reeditar las supervivientes...
First experiments.../Primeros experimentos

I´have found a caster and we are going to produce the miniatures in metal! They should be ready to be released around Christmas.

He encontrado a un fundidor, y vamos a producir las miniaturas en metal. Deberían estar listas para sacar en navidad.

Naturally there will be a price ajustement (the miniatures will be cheaper) and I have to recalculate shipping because of the added weight.

Habrá un ajuste de precios, claro (las miniaturas serán algo más baratas), y tengo que recalcular los gastos de envío por el peso extra.



  1. Fantastic news! I may have to have some of those.

  2. Good news! I will order some of them...

  3. Heavy Metal is more than appropriate to compliment your beauties! I look forward to grope them soon...


    1. Michi, I´m really looking forward to see the zombies painted by you!!

  4. I shall definitely order them in the new year. Please keep us updated for when they go on sale.

  5. Shut up and take my money :) Some 'real' zombie women at last!!