Thursday, July 9, 2015

Post-Apoc Mercs

Hi you all!
This is the reason I wasn´t doing so much at Clearco Miniatures: I have been sculpting some postapocaliptic mercenaries for Pardulon Models to get along with their fantastic new trucks:
He aquí la razón de porqué no he estado haciendo mucho en Clearco Miniatures: he estado esculpiendo algunos mercenarios postapocalípticos para Pardulon Models, en conjunción con sus fantásticos vehículos nuevos:
Pardulons´ Wastelands´ Trucks

Here you have my contribution:
Aquí está mi contribución:

I redid the right arm of the second mini for the right, as it was too long./ Rehice el brazo derecho de la segunda miniatura por la derecha, porque era demasiado largo

I hope you like it!

Espero que os gusten.


  1. Looking cool. Will be these going into metal production?

    1. Thanks!
      I don´t know for sure: these will be sold by Pardulon Models so I think they will be produced in resin. :-)