Thursday, May 31, 2018

Crow Warrior #12

Hi you all!

Here is another experienced warrior. His decorated warshirt and hairstyle is inspired by those of the chief Medicine Crow. Typical Crow features on his warshirt are the rectangular beaded pannel on the chest, in this case with scalplocks attached, as well as the ermines hanging from the sleeves, which in turn are decorated with beaded pannels. The hair has the pompadour as well as a pair of crow bows (one of them with a feather attached) with long dentalia shells hanging. On the back of the hair are attached the typical Crow hair extensions with gum balls.The beaded and fringed leggings are of the older type. He wears a little necklace with beads and two conchas.
As weapons he carries a lance and a bow and arrows in a quiver and a bowcase.

I think this is the best figure I have done so far :-)

I hope you like it!