Thursday, July 16, 2020

(WIP) Neanderthals

Hi you all!
I would like to show you a little side project of mine: sculpting a tiny Neanderthal tribe.

That was something I wanted to do since a long time, since I read Marvin Harris' "Introduction to General Anthropologie" a few years back. My plan is to slowly sculpt some figures for as many Homo species as I can. Two years ago I started sculpting some Homo Ergaster (or african Homo Erectus) but I wasn't pleased with the result. This time I have discovered how pleasant is to work with Fimo and I'm trying to use it for this project.

Here are the first two figures:

A hunter:

A huntress (still WIP: I have to add clothing):


With clothing:

There is still more to come ;)


  1. Have you produced these yet? Have any been cast?

    1. Hi! Not yet. I'm working on a couple more of them, I plan to finish them soon an then get all of them casted :) I think they should be ready this summer