Monday, June 21, 2021

Neanderthals finished!

 Hi you all,

I'd like to show you the start of my little Neanderthal clan:

I sculpted them without so many clothing as usual. These can be best used to represent Neanderthals in warmer regions (around the Mediterranean, for example), in warmer periods or in summer.

Most of these figures represent Neanderthals hunting, but some of them are gathering ressources.

I have sculpted some weapons as well: 

Left to right: fire and hand axes, stone tipped spears, wooden spears (à la Schöningen), clubs, stone axes* 

*Please note: there is no evidence of hafting in stone axes at that age so these are hypothetical...because they are cool ;)  I used neolithic models as a base but with paleolithic cores instead of polished stone.

That was a side project I have enjoyed sculpting. Expect some more figures in the future as I would like to sculpt some "heroes", shamans, children, old folk and some more hunters and gatherers.

I expect them to be available in a month or two :)

I hope you like them!


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