Saturday, April 2, 2022

Cheyenne war chief

 Hi you all!

A quick post today as I just realized I hadn't uploaded any pictures of the Cheyenne war chief I sculpted some months ago! The pictures aren't the best, but they are the only ones I took before sending the figure to the caster...

He wears a highly decorated warshirt with scalps and quilled bands, as well as leggings, decorated in the same way. He also wears a feather warbonnet in a typical "standing" Cheyenne style. Hir braids are wrapped in otter fur with quilled bands and he is armed with lance and hatchet. One special thing in that figure is that I didn't use any armature for the body, but sculpted it from scratch instead, as I wanted to achieve one specific pose. It was a lot of fun to sculpt so many details :) 

I hope you like it!


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