Thursday, August 31, 2023

Horses and more!

 Hi you all!

I have finally finished the horses for the Plains Indians, after much struggling. 

It has taken me some years to make them, as I find horse anatomy a bit imposing and got mentally blocked a couple of times. I'm very happy that this year I managed to overcome all those hurdles and, in fact, it took me only a couple weeks time to finish them (given that I had already made the torsos (is that the word for animals too??) and parts of a pair of legs previously.

Anyway, I'm happy they are finally ready, as that wasn't only a big challenge for me, but also because it enables me to begin sculpting the mounted versions of the minis I have already made. I can't wait!

Besides, I have been working on some more Cheyenne, which I'll show you next time. Here are some WIP images. This time I didn't want to use armatures, as I wanted to improve my sculpting a bit making them completely from scratch. 

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